Biomedical and Interactive Graphics Lab (BIG)

The BIG lab brings modern computer graphics techniques to bear on biomedical questions and clinical problems. The lab researchers combine medical imaging, physics-based simulation, and 3D visualization to create advanced human body simulations, along with creating displays and interactive systems to put this simulation technology into the hands of scientists and clinicians. The BIG lab's goal is to get computer simulation-based tools into the clinic for planning surgeries, designing therapies, and improving outcomes for patients.

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Notable Research Accomplishments

Dr. Stavness is an OpenSim Fellow, one of only twenty world-wide experts who have been recognized in the field of neuro-musculoskeletal modeling and simulation. Dr. Stavness is also an in-demand speaker, giving invited research talks in Sweden, Austria, France, and the US.  Finally, the BIG lab has recently received a $440,000 grant for building a new cutting-edge facility for capturing and modeling human movement.

Current Research Projects

  • Parametric Human Project
  • Next-generation Speech Synthesis
  • Musculoskeletal Simulation to Improve Balance in Older Adults
  • Modeling of Shoulder Dysfunction in Breast Cancer Survivors
  • Simulation Techniques for Muscle Wrapping
  • Spherical and Cubic 3D Displays
  • Targeting in Interactive Systems


  • Dr. Ian Stavness