Human-Computer Interaction (HCI Lab)

The HCI lab studies and innovates the way in which humans interact with computers. With computing technology now permeating everyday life, the group's diverse interests range from physical interactions - such as creating novel gestural and tangible interfaces, to emotional interactions - such as studying the effects that personal traits have on how people interact with technology. Working with novel hardware and software, the lab's mission is to enable people to work with technology and with each other in a manner that is inviting, natural, and effective.

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Notable Research Accomplishments

Graduates from the HCI lab have been the proud recipients of prestigious awards such as the Governor-General's gold medal, the Vanier post-graduate scholarship, and NSERC post-graduate scholarships. In the past five years, the HCi lab has secured millions of dollars of research funding, published over a hundred peer-reviewed papers, graduated dozens of students, and won numerous best paper awards.

Current Research Projects

  • KINECTWheels: Wheelchair Input for Motion-Based Video Games
  • Gaming for Fitness
  • Affective Computing
  • KinectArms: Gestures with Distributed Tables
  • Forward Error Correction for Groupware
  • Attention Detection
  • Granular Synthesis
  • LaVizKit: A visualization toolkit


  • Dr. Carl Gutwin
  • Dr. Regan Mandryk
  • Dr. Ian Stavness
  • Dr. Madison Klarkowski
  • Dr. Cody Phillips