Imaging, Multimedia and Graphics (IMG Lab)

Researchers in the IMG lab work in the field of image processing and computer vision. A staggering amount of data is in visual form, ranging from medical brain scan images to photos of archaeological documents and artifacts. Analysis, annotation and summarization of this data by highly-trained human experts is extremely time-consuming. The mission of the IMG lab is to develop techniques in computer vision that will aid in the automated processing of this rich visual data.

Notable Research Accomplishments

In addition to being successful with academic publishing, the IMG lab has been working in concert with the Canadian Food Inspection agency to put their expertise to practical use, developing methods for contaminate screening in Canadian import/export of seeds.

Current Research Projects

  • Seed Identification: Automated Systems for Identifying Contaminate Seeds
  • Texture Enhancement
  • Evaluation of Semi-automated Segmentation Methods
  • Digital Archaeology


  • Dr. Mark Eramian
  • Dr. Eric Neufled
  • Dr. Ian Stavness