Visualization, Geometry, and Algorithms (VGA Lab)

The VGA LAB aims to develop creative and useful data visualizations, e.g., interactive network layouts, cartographic representations, word clouds, metro maps, etc. A major part of the visualization process is to map the abstract information to geometric data for rendering, which inspires their research in computational geometry and algorithms. The mission of the LAB is to innovate tools and techniques that would empower individuals to use visualizations routinely to deal with big data.

Official Website

Notable Accomplishments

The members of the VGA Lab are excited to communicate their research globally through research publications in reputed international conferences and journals. In addition, they design algorithmic and visual solutions to translate their research results for the benefit of communities, industry, and government. Some of their visualization research spans the domain of urban transportation, health sciences, hydrological modeling, and plant phenotyping. 

Current Research Projects

  • Visual analytics for big data
  • Developing algorithms for network analysis
  • Visual analytics of software artifacts
  • Designing visual encodings for understanding geospatial data 
  • Visualization of deep neural networks
  • Discovering properties of geometric graphs 


  • Dr. Mark Keil
  • Dr. Debajyoti Mondal